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We Do Local: Traditional Sheep Shearing at Creta Maris Resort

We Do Local: Traditional Sheep Shearing at Creta Maris Resort

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When you stay at Creta Maris Resort you can observe traditional sheep shearing – an activity that reflects our “we do local” philosophy and passion for Cretan culture and lore.

The traditional sheep shearing is an annual “we do local” event, and we organized it at Creta Maris Resort for the seventh consecutive year on June 7, 2018. The shearing process involves skill and understanding of the natural needs of the animals. Each adult sheep is shorn once each year, so if you missed it in 2018, you could always book your stay around the beginning of June to see the process next year.

The traditional sheep shearing is more than a farming process: we made it an event on the beach, with cheese-making, traditional “antikristo” barbecue, and music. This was an occasion for guests to glimpse into the local lifestyle and to gain a better understanding of Cretan customs and folklore.

The sheep shearing is a significant celebration inextricably bound with the farming lifestyle of Crete. It is called the “feast of sheep,” and it is designed to spare the spare the sheep from the heat of the summer. Traditionally, every shepherd invites family and friends to witness the challenging task and to celebrate together at the end of the day the job well done.

The traditional sheep shearing is just one of the events organized by Creta Maris Resort to celebrate the local lifestyle. We have many other social responsibility programs, and we were even awarded the honorary distinction “HeRa Social Sensitivity HRM 2018” for our efforts at the annual HR Community Conference & Awards 2018 organized by last May.

Our vision for providing authentic hospitality while operating on the basis of sustainability is also reflected by campaigns like “Clean up the MED”, when Creta Maris Resort employees and volunteers gathered to clean up beaches on Crete and Santorini.