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Creta Maris Resort’ “Agora” is a feast of Cretan arts & crafts

Creta Maris Resort’ “Agora” is a feast of Cretan arts & crafts

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Ever since the Bronze Age, the people of Crete have shown excellent skills in handcrafting. To get an idea of how qualified crafters the Minoans were, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Crete to see the masterpieces of their artisanship (exquisite jewellery, beautifully adorned ceramics, elegant micro-sculptures, and more).

As the local tradition in arts and crafts goes on uninterruptedly for centuries until today, traditional craftsmanship is an essential part of the cultural heritage of Crete. Local craftsmanship has numerous expressions: traditional costumes, musical instruments, jewellery, loom-woven clothing and accessories, ceramics, hand-carved objects, etc.

Loom woven linen and accessories

As part of our efforts to embrace our cultural heritage and promote the art of local artisans, we have established Agora.
Agora is a curated art and craft bazaar that showcases high-quality Cretan handicrafts and hosts local artists who present their work on the spot. Handmade jewellery, loom-woven rugs, and linen, ceramics, traditional Cretan knives, hand-painted icons, blown glass items, leather goods, bronze creations are among the goods you’ll find in Agora. While picking your favorite artifacts, you have a unique opportunity to connect with artists and attend their workshops.

The traditional Cretan knives

Ceramic artists throw pots on the wheel right there in front of you, crafters engrave your name on your Cretan knife, weavers display the traditional weaving techniques on the loom. You are invited to watch, but also try to create something on your own. The Agora event is an excellent opportunity to dive into the Cretan culture.

The traditional art of weaving

We made souvenir-hunting easy and fun for you. At Agora you can choose original handcrafted souvenirs from Crete to take home with you, decorate your house, or give your beloved ones on a special occasion.

Hand-crafted leather bags