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Candle light dinner experience at Creta Maris

Candle light dinner experience at Creta Maris


Have you ever wondered what the biggest luxury of all is? If you stop and think about it for a minute or two, you will realize that the most precious luxuries in life are non-material. A meaningful experience, a time beautifully spent with the people you love, moments that all your senses are aroused; these are the most genuine luxuries that stay with you in your memories for a lifetime.

Staying in Creta Maris Resort offers you countless luxuries of this kind. But there is always more! Creta Maris’ Guest Service team can craft for you the most exquisite, private experience: a candlelight dinner in the most idyllic setting.
Words cannot convey the experience, but try to imagine this: a private spot by the sea, an elegant candlelit table setting, fine gourmet flavours, champagn and selected aromatic wines, bespoke service.

There are five special dinner menus to choose from, to live your custom-made dinner story:

Exotic Sea

A gourmet three-course menu that combines fresh seafood with exotic flavours in a perfect balance. The food is paired with cool champagne or an aromatic Cretan wine. The light sea breeze adds the last touch to a perfect setting.

Romantic Vibes

We have a saying in Greece: “Love goes through the stomach”. Universally speaking, a private Candlelight dinner is the ultimate romantic date for any loving couple. The idyllic ambiance of the secluded seaside spot is enhanced with a dreamy decoration that includes lots of candles and lanterns. The Romantic Vibes dinner is a three-course gastronomic journey for the senses. Let the champagne, the wine, and the purple sunset sky intoxicate you, and love will do the rest!

Summer Sunsets

Balmy summer sunsets over the Cretan sea are a medicine for the soul. Now picture a private seaside dinner especially prepared for you and your beloved ones, at the most beautiful hour of the day, when the sky is painted in glorious scarlet hues. The Summer Sunsets menu features mouthwatering gourmet dishes and fine wines to supplement nature’s spectacle.

Eclectic Delight

Eclectic Delight is a light gourmet dinner perfectly paired with the wine of your choice, for anyone who wants to take their date night to the next level. Privacy, unobstructed sea views, elegance, and romantic candles compose the canvas of a genuinely eclectic dinner!

Vegetarian Gastronomy

Our last but not least private dinner proposal is based on the vegetarian diet, without compromise on creativity and succulence. Delectable delicacies of modern Mediterranean cuisine feature in this four-course fine-dining menu that blends perfectly with the enchanting surroundings.

Pick your favorite menu, surprise your beloved ones, and leave the rest to us. Our Guest Service team will arrange everything so that you luxuriate in the exclusive service, the aromas and flavours, and the blissful landscape.

This is the definition of luxury, don’t you agree?