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Cooking Lessons at Creta Maris: Learn the Secrets of the Cretan Cuisine

Cooking Lessons at Creta Maris: Learn the Secrets of the Cretan Cuisine


During your stay at Creta Maris Resort, don’t miss the opportunity to learn the secrets of Cretan cuisine while learning how to prepare classic Cretan dishes. Join our culinary team in a gastronomical journey where you’ll get introduced to the traditions and methods of authentic Cretan cookery through step-by-step lessons in a fun, hands-on experience on site.

Our animation and culinary teams teach scheduled courses that cover Cretan cooking from the gathering of local fresh ingredients to the art of our traditional appetizers, main dishes, and the unique desserts local families have enjoyed for generations. We encourage you to take part in these hands-on sessions no matter what cooking experience level you possess. The Cretan diet, legendary around the world, is one of the treasures we hope you will take home from our island. Not only is our diet a bountiful journey of flavors and tastes, but it’s also unrivaled in its health benefits.

The Cretan diet, which is the core gastronomy branch of the Mediterranean diet, is centered around locally produced vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains, meats, and especially Cretan olive oil. Research has shown that authentic Cretan cuisines are good for everything from enhancing brain power to strengthening bones. The Cretan cooking lessons will introduce you to a culinary tradition where high concentrations of monounsaturated fats from olive oil and polyunsaturated fats from fish, grains, vegetables, and legumes can be the basis for unique health benefits.

During Creta Maris’ cooking sessions you’ll learn about the exceptional qualities of a wide variety of recipes and how our cuisine helps to ward off health disorders like cognitive decline, heart disease, depression, and even cancer. We don’t just want to show our guests how to cook Cretan recipes, for the ingredients and cooking practices are not the most significant value of these classes. Our team will take a look at the indigenous Cretan diet, our pattern of eating, and the nutritional complexity that makes our gastronomy so unique. Join us for an eye-opening, mouth-watering food experience.

Once you’re back at home, you can follow some of the basic features of the Cretan way of cooking that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle, and which will remind you of us. Remember our lessons when you plant your own parsley or rosemary in the window of your kitchen. Be as picky as our chefs when you choose meats and eggs from your local grocer’s and be sure to consume the best Cretan olive oil at every opportunity.