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Four Innovations by Creta Maris That Make the Difference

Four Innovations by Creta Maris That Make the Difference


For over four decades Creta Maris Resort has been one of the leading innovators in the Greek hospitality sector. The resort was one of the first on Crete to begin using electric vehicles for deliveries, and for warehouse operations. From the onset, the company created an adaptable business model that is both socially and environmentally responsible. At the heart of this business model lies a dedication to continually heighten the guest experience through innovation. Below you will find a list of such novelties that differentiate the Creta Maris brand.

Local Sourcing

Several years back, Creta Maris made the decision to try and source only major suppliers one kilometer of the resort’s premises. The decision was based not only on energy savings but was based mostly on the “quality, authenticity, and freshness” commitment to guests. In keeping with this new program, the resort chose Cretan Meat Processing Industry “ΚRIVEK SA,” ZERVAKIS Miltos, and Kalimera FROUTA SA as main suppliers. Today, most of the products used at Creta Maris Resort are from Crete or Greece, with very few sourced from abroad. The results are evident in the heightened guest satisfaction and in resource savings, as well as in helping the local economy.

“We Do Local”

Besides sourcing most produce used in the kitchen on the island, Creta Maris Resort is an integral part of the Hersonissos community. The philosophy of the resort has always been to grow with this community. From the establishment of a special thematic day of the week each season, to reopening the “Cine Creta Maris” open-air cinema, the resort has become a social, cultural, and business icon for Hersonissos and the prefecture of Heraklion overall. Each year, the resort creates a new set of milestones that take into consideration what will make a difference for the resort’s guests, and for the local community.

Sustainability in Action

At Creta Maris Resort, staff briefing and education on sustainability is an ongoing process. The resort takes a proactive approach to adopt policies and strategies to adapt to ever-changing situations. From setting the goal of becoming a “zero waste hotel” to efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, the mission is to put planning to work in action.

“Questionnaires on-the-spot”

Most hotels make use of guest feedback during and after the stay, but Creta Maris leverages “on-the-spot” questionnaires to glean the best picture of what the resort is doing well and not so well. Creta Maris’ Guests’ Service team is eager to communicate with guests, not just to provide the necessary information during their stay, but to improve the stay in the “now.” Of course, Creta Maris management is always keen to learn and innovate based on after stay reviews from digital partners like TripAdvisor, Holidaycheck, Expedia,, and others.