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Manolis Kalafatis, the Protector of the Green

Manolis Kalafatis, the Protector of the Green

Our People, Sustainability

Meet Creta Maris’ Greenkeeping Manager who cares for more than 10.000 plants within the resort’s premises


What is the size of Creta Maris gardens? How many trees and ornamental plants do you care for?

The area of Creta Maris gardens is more than 26 acres. At the same time, the Greenkeeping department also cares for the Organic Farm, which consists of 4.4 acres. There are more than 200 species and varieties of plants in our gardens, while the total number of plants we are looking for exceeds the number of 10,000.
A very significant element of our gardens are the plants in the clay pots. These pots are made by Cretan craftsmen, in the same way that they were made in the Minoan era, thus their presence lends a special touch to the outdoor areas of our resort.

Which are the criteria that led you to select these trees and plants for Creta Maris gardens?

The basic characteristics of these plants are their high adaptability to Crete’s dry climate, their low water requirements and their Mediterranean & Cretan origin.

What would you like Creta Maris guests to know about the resort’s flora?

The flora of our resort reflects the Cretan and Mediterranean flora. In Creta Maris, the guests will encounter to the same plants that they would have encountered on an inland excursion, or in the traditional gardens in the Cretan villages.

How many people do you have under your supervision and how demanding is it to care and maintain the hotel’s gardens in perfect condition?

The Greenkeeping Department consists of 9 employees, who are well-educated so they can meet the particular requirements of garden care. The garden as a living organism requires regular and continuous care to maintain a high standard. After all, this relationship is bidirectional. The more care we offer to the plants, the more beauty, joy, and satisfaction the garden offers to us.

Which is your favorite tree / plant, or your favorite garden at the resort?

Although the most popular tree in our resort is the huge Ficus tree, my favorite plant is the Cedar (Juniperus Macrocarpa), situated in front of the Cosmos restaurant. It is an endemic, durable and beautiful plant, just like the Cretan landscape.