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10 reasons why you’ll be carefree while vacationing in Creta Maris

10 reasons why you’ll be carefree while vacationing in Creta Maris


Have you ever thought about what vacation is for you? An opportunity to recharge and restore your body and mind; A break from reality; A boost of happiness; Taking time away from the stresses of work and daily life; Precious time spent with your loved ones.

No matter what your definition of vacation is, the essence of it remains the same: vacation is a carefree time of recreation and pleasure. So, one might wonder, how does “care-free” comply with the COVID-19 outbreak and the concerns it has imposed on everyone about their health and safety?

During the last months, when you have been busy taking care of your health, so have we! We have been getting ready to offer you a safe holiday experience, from the moment you check in, to the moment you leave the resort. Creta Maris launched a comprehensive operational plan to ensure your safety, which takes into account the complete guest experience, without compromising on luxury and leisure.

Here are 10 reasons why you should rest easy while in Creta Maris:

1. “Health First” & “COVID-Shield” certification

Creta Maris has obtained the “Health First” accreditation which certifies that the resort follows the health and safety protocols released by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

Additionally, Creta Maris Resort proudly received the Private Certification Scheme “COVID-Shield”, developed by TÜV AUSTRIA with a focus on Health, Safety and Business Continuity.

By receiving the “CoVid Shield”, Creta Maris Resort was certified to set out and implement basic requirements and procedures, which verify that an appropriate mechanism, adequate resources and proper infrastructure are in line with current epidemiological guidelines for the provision of the prevention of the inflow or spread of corona virus disease, in the facilities of the resort.

2. Trained staff, to keep everyone safe

Our main priority this summer is to keep everyone safe, including our guests and our team members. As soon as we documented our prevention plan, we trained our employees to ensure that everyone is aligned on the measures that need to be taken. Every staff member strictly complies with the protective measures against COVID-19 recommended by WHO, practicing social distancing together with frequent hand hygiene and the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), while our housekeeping staff also uses proper uniforms for the cleaning procedure. In addition, their temperature is checked daily to ensure the general health and safety.

3. Ample spaces, safe distances

No need to worry about overcrowding. All public areas are re-organized to offer a safe space between yourself and other people. Check-in and check-out procedures have been amended to ensure proper distancing, and our employees are urged to keep safe distances from the guests. The seating capacity and tables arrangement in Creta Maris restaurants has been modified to allow distances among diners, and there is more space between each set of loungers & umbrella at the pools and on the beach.

4. Meticulous disinfection

Rest easy: Each room in Creta Maris is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon every room change with steam cleaners and non-toxic, allergy-free cleaning and disinfectant materials, including the air-condition ducts, filters, and grills. Magnetic room key, door handles, and buttons are sanitized regularly, club cars and transfer cars are disinfected after each transfer, tables, and chairs before and after each service, as well as sun loungers, the spa and Fitness Center areas.

5. Food hygiene

Our restaurants have always had the highest standards of hygiene. Certified by HACCP, we are also asserted to ensure food safety and quality. Now we have taken extra precautions: buffet delicacies are strictly served by our staff, extended operational hours are applied to avoid overcrowding in the restaurants, and we offer a complimentary breakfast room service for those who want to enjoy breakfast in their room. Of course, all staff serving food wears appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment).
Just relax and enjoy food. The rest is upon us!

6. Safe leisure facilities

Almost everything in our leisure facilities is re-arranged to offer the maximum protection to our guests. Safe distances are kept, regular disinfections take place (even to the sun loungers after each use), there are restrictions to the number of bathers in the pools, and beach towels are offered to be placed on the loungers.
Despite the safety measures, we’ve made sure that your leisure experience remains intact. There are plenty of social distancing recreation facilities and activities to choose from: tennis, table-tennis, mini-golf, water sports, cooking lessons and live shows, open-air mini disco, outdoor activities for kids and outdoor fitness sessions & games.

7. 24/7 Health Services

While we have taken all necessary precautions to prevent infections, we have also appointed a “Health First Ambassador”, a dedicated coordinator who’s responsible for offering all necessary information about medical services, as well as managing any emergency COVID-19 incident that may occur. There’s also a 24/7 Doctor on call to provide special care to our guests.

8. Digital services for less personal contact

Creta Maris offers a series of digital tools that will facilitate your stay while providing opportunities for more social distancing.
First of all, to make your check-in process easier and quicker, you can fill in the online check-in form before your arrival. Then you can download for free the Creta Maris app to navigate our around our facilities, to make your bookings for spa treatments or a table at our à la carte restaurants directly from your phone. Finally, upon your departure you may opt for contactless payment and electronic sending of invoices.

9. The Cretan sun is good for your health

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining overall health, as it helps us maintain a healthy immune system. In fact, it has been reported that low Vitamin D blood concentrations are associated with increased risk of COVID-19 and the more severe forms of the disease. Therefore, people with low vitamin D are at higher risk of infection or have worse outcomes with COVID-19.
Since the vast majority of vitamin D in the body is produced in the skin due to sunlight exposure, sun-therapy is a must this summer! Let the Cretan sun work its miracles while you’re relaxing on your lounger!

10. The Cretan diet enhances your health

Crete’s greatest treasure is to be found in its cuisine: a great number of medical studies have found it to be of significant benefit to human health. Legumes, vegetables, wild greens, local dairy products constitute the basis of the local diet. Naturally, the greatest secret of the Cretan diet is the exclusive use of virgin olive oil as cooking fat. Extra virgin olive oil is very high in monounsaturated fats, contains a vitamins E and K and is loaded with antioxidants, which have powerful health benefits, as they help fight serious diseases.

This summer at Creta Maris make the most of your vacations with peace of mind. We take care of you so that the only thing you have to worry about is your best Instagram poses!