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Fun and safety meet at Creta Maris Water Sports Center

Fun and safety meet at Creta Maris Water Sports Center

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If vacations is a synonym for fun, then seaside vacations is a synonym for fun-out-on-the-water. Whereas for many vacationers, a beach holiday means countless lazy hours spent on the sun-lounger, for others, it’s a unique opportunity to engage in adrenaline-pumping activities.

Creta Maris Watersports Center located at the resort’s beach puts the water-fun element to your vacations, with a wide range of water sport choices for both beginners and experts.

Safety first!

“Safety first and fun will follow” is our motto! Creta Maris Watersports Center has received two certifications by TUV Austria: the “Watersports Certified Quality” certification for the quality of the services provided, and the “Watersports Hygiene Cover” certification for the implementation of the requirements for adhering to hygienic rules during the provided services.
This summer, extra measures are being applied to the Water Sports Center, to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
All equipment gets disinfected after each use, following the World Health Organization’s recommendations and the health protocols issued by the Greek government. Life-vests are immersed in a plastic tank with a disinfectant solution and rinsed after each use, and all vessels are disinfected, with particular emphasis on the surfaces touched by hand (handles, oars, etc.). Users are encouraged to use antiseptic gel and keep safe distances. For group sports, only small groups are allowed (2 at most per session or 4 in the case of family or a group of friends).

Your health and safety are guaranteed by us to feel free to splash and paddle your way through summer!

Water-sports for all tastes

Water-sport lovers are blessed with options at Creta Maris. But how to choose what water-sport suits you best? Here’s a brief guide:

Are you an adrenaline-junkie? Pick a jet-ski ride and feel the adrenaline flow in your blood cells.

Want a more relaxed water-sport to enjoy with your family? A pedalo powered by foot pedals feels like riding a bicycle on water. It’s both relaxing and fun.

How about more direct contact with the water? Go for a Canoe-Kayak, start paddling and glide along the coastline of Hersonissos at your own pace.

Want to try an increasingly popular sport? SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is an exciting and versatile water sport for all ages. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to have fun out on the water. Navigate the waters alone or with friends and family.

Want to experience the sea in a whole different level? Try flyboard and get the unique sensation of flying over the water, with this adrenaline-pumping device!

You are not into sports but want to explore the coastline of Hersonissos? Then a boat trip is perfect for you. Relax, feel the sea breeze on your hair, and recharge your mind.

Want to explore the underwater realm of the Cretan Sea? We offer safe scuba-diving services, both for beginners and experienced certified divers. Make your appointment at our Water Sports Center or the Guest Service desk and get ready for an unforgettable diving experience in pristine waters.

All thrill-seekers who feel the urge to plunge into the sea instead of spending another day at the comfort of their sun-loungers, here at Creta Maris they are in the right place. Have fun, stay fit and healthy, and be care-free, because our fully licensed and experienced multilingual staff will guarantee your safety!