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Creta Maris’ Waterpark: Ultimate Fun Under the Cretan Sun

Creta Maris’ Waterpark: Ultimate Fun Under the Cretan Sun

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Come May 15, 2019, Creta Maris Resort inaugurates its brand-new, super-fun waterpark as part of the all-inclusive package that delivers the ultimate Cretan vacation experience to guests young and old. Whether looking for active excitement or craving some relaxation, the Creta Maris Waterpark invites you to forget the worries of the mundane and dive into the unexpected. Come relax by the bar with a cold beverage, ride a slide, or play a water game – after all, there’s plenty to do, and you will never get bored. We even have rides for adrenaline junkies, with rapid drops and spectacular twirls.

The new 4,000 plus square meter facility has all the adrenaline pumping rides and aqua attractions you’d expect from a world-class excitement center, but with all the perks of an exclusive, luxurious, all-inclusive resort.
The waterpark has five super-fast slides, a huge swimming pool, adventure towers, and landscaping to match everybody’s lucid aquamarine dreams. The magic experience includes a waterslide group offering endless thrills. Vacation time on Crete can get scorching hot, especially during the summer months, but our new waterpark keeps guests cool with tons and tons of water fun.

Created for activity and child’s play, the Aquatower Pool allows kids to partake in more than 50 safe and fun games enjoying waterfalls, jet sprays, water slides, and a unique water volcano. 500 m² paddling pool adds a plus of dynamic entertainment for the little ones, while at the Spray Action Zone youngsters get to play even more water games. A colossal bucket that tips over to soak the kids beneath adds a plus of excitement – talk about getting drenched!
The brand-new Creta Maris Waterpark expands the resort’s already stellar family offering. The kids’ mini-club, kid pools, “Asterias” Children’s Club, animation program, and many other kid-friendly amenities are ready for your most memorable Cretan vacation in 2019.