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Here Are the Reasons Why You Will Love the Beaches of Hersonissos

Here Are the Reasons Why You Will Love the Beaches of Hersonissos

Destination Crete

Staying at Creta Maris Resort is a beach-goer’s dream: pristine sands and all the comfort of a luxury retreat recommend our destination.  We take great care of our beach, offering free sun loungers and umbrellas to ensure the comfort of our guests. Complimentary towels are available too.

A lifeguard cares for the safety of the swimmers, while next to the lifeguard’s tower, our Water Sports Center offers all kinds of exciting activities for young and old. Water sports enthusiast can choose from SUP (stand up paddle), flyboarding, kayaking, canoeing, riding a paddle boat, or taking the jet ski for a more adrenaline-filled adventure on the waves of the Cretan Sea. With offer boat trips for groups of minimum three people, as well as scuba diving tours and snorkeling classes for the little ones.

Water sports

Besides the private beach at Creta Maris Resort, you will find many other beaches in Hersonissos. On the west side, two kilometers from the port of the town, you will find the Drapanos beaches, basically, niche coves that stretch until the Drapanos Cape. Some of the beaches in front of hotels are busy and not suitable for people seeking seclusion, but as you continue to explore the coast you will find secluded pebbly coves, that are not as popular with tourists.

The Lychnostatis Cretan Open Air Museum, one of the top attractions to visit in Hersonissos with children, is in this area too.

At the east of the port of Hersonissos, you will find the beaches of Cape Sarandaris. These are also known as the Coves of Hersonissos or Limanakia. The Cape protects these beaches from the northwest winds, making their water calm and clear – ideal for swimming and even snorkeling.  There’s also a naturist beach here, in an area hidden from prying eyes, as well as the famous Sarandari beach, considered among the best in the area to go with children due to its shallow waters.

Even if you are not a beach aficionado, you will still enjoy a stroll at Cape Sarandaris. It is scenic and picturesque and offers many beautiful photographic opportunities. Almost every shot is an Instagram moment. Don’t miss the idyllic chapel of St. George Sarandaris in this part of Hersonissos.