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Platia restaurant among the best restaurants in Greece

Platia restaurant among the best restaurants in Greece


A place to meet, to socialize, to celebrate, and to flirt: this is what a “platia” in every traditional Greek village or city is. Platia is the place where the settlement’s heart beats, a site of interaction, networking, and community building.

Creta Maris Resort has its own Platia right in the centre of the resort. Idyllically located next to the Holy Trinity chapel, Platia restaurant has a byzantine ambiance, a sophisticated and also cozy decoration, and creative cuisine that reinterprets the traditional Cretan dishes in a modern way.

Platia restaurant and the Holy Trinity chapel

Cretan gastronomy with a… twist: Carefully chosen Greek and Cretan products are used to create original and inspiring dishes with a distinct reference to the traditional local cuisine. The all-time classic Cretan dakos, for example, gets a gourmet upgrade: it is served with traditional siglino (cured pork), cream cheese, and poached egg, for an ultimate umami experience. The menu features the celebrated Cretan lamb as souvlaki sautéed in aromatic wine, accompanied with vegetable cous-cous and a creamy sauce of peas and mint – a mouth-watering culinary experience no one should miss.

Dakos with siglino (cured pork)

Other dishes like the sautéed mullet fillet, stuffed with Cretan smoked pork and vegetables, or the homemade spaghetti with carob and fresh tomato sauce take contemporary Cretan gastronomy to the next level. Platia’s menu also includes fresh, wholesome salads, a dedicated “kids” section, and desserts to-die-for, like the Pistacchio Sponge Cake with mastic mousse and red berry sauce. To complete the dinner experience, Platia offers a rich selection of wines from local wineries that perfectly pair with the restaurant’s neo-Cretan dishes.

Lamb souvlaki sautéed

The innovative approach to the traditional Cretan cuisine by Platia restaurant couldn’t go unnoticed by the connoisseurs of Alpha Guide, the leading guide of the best hotels and restaurants of Greece that is edited by Athinorama, one of the most respected Greek magazines. Platia and Pithos restaurants of Creta Maris Resort got evaluated by the critics of Alpha Guide and found their place among the best restaurants in Greece as “two of the most significant businesses in their category”.

During your next stay in Creta Maris Resort, complete your initiation to the tastes and aromas of Cretan gastronomy with a dinner at Platia and taste how the tradition mixes with modern techniques to create a harmonious culinary experience.