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Crete 7 days Itinerary: premier travel guide for what to do in Crete in 7 days for the ultimate couple’s getaway

Crete 7 days Itinerary: premier travel guide for what to do in Crete in 7 days for the ultimate couple’s getaway

Destination Crete

Crete is one of the most sought-after destinations in Greece for couples for many reasons, including its many immersive experiences, undeniably delectable cuisine, and bevy of charming villages to explore together. When thinking of what to do during your Cretan getaway as a couple, it may feel overwhelming to organise your days to have equal parts of relaxing and exciting experiences. Striking a balance between feeling fulfilled yet not overwhelmed and exhausted is essential for an amazing holiday. Read on to find the perfect Crete 7 days itinerary that guarantees you have a memorable holiday for two to cherish forever.

Crete 7 days itinerary in a nutshell

● Day 1: Arrive at Creta Maris Resort and take it easy. Settle into your accommodation, luxuriate at the spa, and have a delicious seaside dinner at one of your Crete all-inclusive resort’s restaurants.

● Day 2: Take on-site classes with your partner, including a reinvigorating session of yoga or Pilates in the morning, followed by a cooking lesson in the evening to learn authentic Greek and Cretan recipes.

● Day 3: Spend the day in the capital city, Heraklion. Visit the fantastic and historically significant Palace of Knossos, and then the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. In the evening, explore the Venetian Port and find a spot for a seafood dinner.

● Day 4: Explore the gorgeous seaside village of Elounda, just east of your Crete all-inclusive resort. Take a boat ride to the barren island Spinalonga and learn its fascinating history. In the afternoon stroll around charming Elounda

● Day 5: Have a lovely and laidback day in Hersonissos, the location of your resort. Engage in a variety of watersports from jet skiing to standup paddleboarding. Savour a seaside private candlelight dinner for two under a starry sky.

● Day 6: Discover the vibrant city of Rethymno and learn about its dynamic role in Cretan history. Take in the spectacular panoramic views from the high-up Venetian Fortezza Castle, and then wander through the delightful Old Town in the afternoon.

● Day 7: Feel a sense of relaxation on your final day and order refreshments and snacks while lounging on your resort’s beach or at one of the the revitalizing pools. Finish off your day with an exciting on-site dance lesson, and cocktails from one of the many bars.

What to do on Day 1 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Spend the Day Relaxing at your Crete All-inclusive Resort

As soon as you arrive at Creta Maris Resort, you understand what makes Crete so undeniably enticing. Sparkling blue waters, bright sunshine, and the smell of herbs from traditional dishes wafting through the air is a warm welcome after long travel days. Upon check-in and your first taste of Greek hospitality, spend the first day of your holiday getaway with your loved one relaxing and rejuvenating at your all-inclusive resort.

Begin your stay with a revitalizing trip to the Creta Maris Resort Spa and Fitness Center. Opt for a couple’s massage or facial treatments, while always using natural Cretan products. Following a refreshing spa session, prepare for a delectable evening of authentic Cretan cuisine without having to leave the premises. After such a laidback first day of your Crete 7 day itinerary, you are sure to feel afresh and energized for the upcoming days.

Pamper and Rejuvenate at the Spa

Kickstart your holidays with a visit to the Creta Maris Resort spa and discover the true meaning of relaxation in an ambient environment. Pacify your senses while engaging in several treatments to bring a feeling of total calmness. The renowned spa is set in an aromatic atmosphere with soft lighting and professional beauty therapists to make you and your partner feel amazing during specialized treatments.

All treatments use natural Cretan products that work holistically with your body to rejuvenate skin, hair, and nails. Close your eyes and revel in a healing touch that reawakens your body after the long travel to reach your holiday destination. Select from some of the most popular sumptuous and revitalizing treatments, including:

● Couple’s massage
● Cretan massage
● Ice Effect massage
● Hydrating Face massage
● Cretan Herbs Experience
● Bronzing Experience

Relish in a Romantic Seaside Dinner

Following a clarifying experience at the spa and getting further acquainted with your comfortable accommodation, turn your attention to one of the highlights of any holiday in Crete: the fantastic cuisine. Keep things simple on the first night and opt for a meal at one of the resort’s six restaurants. Among the favourites for couples are two a la carte thematic-dining restaurants Pithos, serving traditional Cretan cuisine, and Platia, serving modern Greek cuisine.

Whichever cuisine type strikes your mood, both Pithos and Platia restaurants offer menus that feature products highlighting the incredible produce grown in the Creta Maris Resort’s organic field, as well as fresh fish from the nearby sea. Enjoy your meal with a glass of local wine, and cheers to your Cretan getaway. Savour every last bite of your homecooked meals and enjoy the view out into the vibrant sea and soft, sandy shoreline as the sun disappears into the horizon.

What to do on Day 2 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Take Classes Together at Creta Maris Resort

If you’re wondering what to do in Crete in 7 days to really connect with your partner, then consider taking part in a variety of well-organized on-site classes and lessons. Learn a new skill, or sharpen an old one, in the comfort of your Crete all-inclusive resort. Most classes highlight the particulars of the Cretan culture and are a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one.

Awaken your body with a yoga or pilates class, both of which are taught under the guidance of professionals who work with you to make your mind, body, and soul feel totally at ease. In the evening, opt for a cooking class, one of the most authentic experiences to participate in, to learn amazing, traditional Cretan recipes. Spend the day reconnecting with the one you love doing exciting and immersive activities to cherish from your Cretan holidays.

Feel Zen with an Organized Yoga or Pilates Class

The combination of sea, sun, and light exercise is bound to make you feel incredible on the second morning of your Crete 7 days itinerary. Meet your expert instructor for a morning of calming yoga, or kick it up a notch with a heart-pounding session of Pilates. With striking views looking out to crystalline Mediterranean waters and the warm Greek sun enveloping you, it is sure to be a delightful experience to make your day feel dreamy and peaceful from the start.

After your yoga or Pilates class, cool down for a bit poolside and let your muscles relax in the refreshing waters of the expansive resort pools. Clear your mind, and your agenda, feeling at ease after a revitalizing session of stretching and meditation. Take a dip in the water as a reprieve from the bright sunshine. Kick back and enjoy a laidback day at your all-inclusive resort for sheer relaxation.

Learn Authentic Recipes with Cooking Lessons

If you dream of learning local traditions and culture during your Crete 7 days itinerary, a cooking lesson is a superb idea. Cretan cuisine has a long and storied history and it combines many flavour profiles due to the island’s position as a trade route over the years, including influences from North Africa, the Middle East, and mainland Greece. Put on your apron and indulge in an authentic and delicious experience.

During your cooking lesson this evening, completely immerse yourself in the local way of life while under the guidance of an expert instructor. Learn all about the rich traditions and stories behind popular dishes ranging from traditional ntakos salad, to more exotic dishes such as snails, but always with plenty of luscious olive oil! Savor your creations and take note of recipes to remember when you’re back home and longing for your Cretan holiday.

What to do on Day 3 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Spend the Day in Heraklion

By day 3 of your Crete 7 days itinerary, you might be feeling well-rested enough to do some exploring in the area. Via rental car, or transfer by private car or bus, a trip to Crete’s capital Heraklion is what to do in Crete for an adventurous experience to learn about the island’s long and varied history. From the ancient Minoan civilization to remnants of the seafaring Venetians, Heraklion is a hub of fascinating history to explore.

For history lovers, the Palace of Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum are truly can’t-miss experiences. They are best to visit in the morning before they get too crowded, and especially for outdoor Knossos, too hot. Spend the morning learning all about the dynamic history before making your way to the Venetian port for an afternoon of relaxation in an amazingly well-preserved slice of Crete.

Learn Amazing History at Knossos & Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Prepare to feel amazed at the Palace of Knossos and learn how the once-powerful Minoan civilization lived in grandeur dating back to 2000 BC. Knossos, located just outside of Heraklion, was only excavated less than 200 years ago but is now regarded as one of the most significant sites in all of Greece. Be amazed by the reconstructed murals and mosaics, learn about the origin of the myth of the Minotaur, and imagine how the ancient Minoans once lived. Ask for your resort to book you a guided tour in advance for a truly in-depth explanation of the site.

It is well worth a visit to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum after your time at Knossos to gain a greater understanding of Knossos, as well as other significant eras in Cretan history. Housing over 15,000 artefacts, take a deep dive into the past with discoveries from the Minoans to the

Greco-Roman period. As one of Europe’s most important museums, a visit here is what to do in Crete in 7 days to gain superb insight into Crete’s incredible past.

Have Dinner at the Venetian Port

After spending time at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, jump ahead in history and unwrap the remarkable impact the Venetians had in Crete while exploring the city, and in particular the expansive port. Wander through the winding streets, snap pictures of the unique architecture, and be wowed by the bright blue waters. Walkable and easy to navigate, an outing in the small city is a great way to spend the evening.

For dinner, a Cretan holiday is not complete without some seafood experiences at a local taverna. Stroll through the port area and note the many quaint seaside restaurants offering freshly caught seafood and delightfully authentic recipes. Choose a table close to the water’s edge and watch as the sun sets spectacularly into the horizon. Cheers with raki, the favourite local libation, and celebrate a beautiful day spent together in Heraklion.

What to do on Day 4 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Head to Elounda on the Eastern Coast

One of the island’s most stunning seaside villages, and perfect for a relaxing day’s outing, is Elounda, which lies east of your all-inclusive resort. Charming, quaint, and visually stunning, Elounda is an easy drive and well worth a visit for a lovely day in a genuine Cretan seaside town. Hop in your rental car or ask for the resort to make transfer arrangements so you can experience the beautiful fishing village in all its glory.

One of the most exciting things to do in Elounda is to take the boat to the nearby tiny island of Spinalonga and learn about its fascinating history, including how it was a leper colony up until the mid 20th century! Spinalonga’s high vantage point makes it ideal to snap pictures of the colorful nearby fishing villages and stunning sea views. Head back to the mainland and explore all the charms of Elounda before finishing off the evening with a delicious seaside meal.

Take the Boat to Spinalonga Island

Prepare to learn about one of the more peculiar sides of Crete with a visit to the barren island of Spinalonga, a mere 20-minute boat ride from Elounda. Though beautifully preserved with Venetian fortresses, its dark past is something you are sure to talk about long after your visit. Occupied by both the Venetians and the Ottomans, it was converted into a leper colony during the 20th century and was where an ostracised group of people were sent to live out their days.

Today, Spinalonga is a reminder of one of Crete’s more dark moments in its long history. Still, the island exudes beautiful architecture and is a wonderful place to visit to experience a side of the island that many tourists may not think to travel to. Spend time on the island and take in the stellar panoramic views before returning to Elounda in the afternoon.

Savour a Delicious Meal and Take a Stroll in Elounda

Once back on the mainland of Elounda, take a leisurely walk in the ultra-charming seaside village. Bursting with whitewashed houses with colourful pops of color, Elounda is highly picturesque and is regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Crete. Enjoy the laidback vibes and unhurried way of life which you can enjoy while stopping for a coffee or glass of wine at a seaside bar to appreciate how the locals live.

When you’re feeling hungry, there are a bevy of traditional restaurants to choose from in the village’s centre. Much of what is served on menus is caught mere feet from where you sit and highlights the spectacular Cretan cuisine. Take in the beautiful views of the crystal clear blue sea waters, and enjoy the perfect place for an intimate dinner for two as the sun sets in the distance.

What to do on Day 5 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Spend the Day in Hersonissos

Though you could spend most of your time in Crete exploring every corner of the island, there is something inherently special about your resort’s location in Hersonissos. Set on an idyllic stretch of golden sand surrounded by ambient sea waters, Hersonissos is a wonderful place to relax during your Cretan holidays.

Take advantage of the many exciting watersports offered at Creta Maris Resort, and hit the open sea for a thrilling day in the water. Whether you select something calm like standup paddleboarding or get your heart racing with jet skiing, you are sure to work up an appetite during the day, and what sounds better than a romantic private dinner by the sea in the evening? Luxuriate and relax, and enjoy your partner’s company for a delightful day at your all-inclusive resort in Hersonissos.

Select from a Variety of Waterports

The Mediterranean Sea is known as one of the most beautiful bodies of water thanks to its translucent colors and calm waves. As such, it is no wonder that engaging in watersports while in Crete is such a popular activity. Explore the area around the resort while soaking in the revitalizing sun rays and occasionally cooling down in the refreshing waters.

Rent equipment for two, such as a jet ski, canoe, or kayak, to create memories while in the mesmerising waters. Alternatively, cruise independently on a standup paddleboard while working to keep your balance and gliding atop the gentle sea. Feel a sense of ease throughout the day knowing that the resort’s helpful staff is fully licensed and there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy a lovely day at sea, a mere stone’s throw from your Crete all-inclusive resort.

Feel the Love During a Private Candlelight Dinner for Two

After an exciting day of watersports under the Greek sun, few things are more satisfying than a delectable meal. If you’re looking for a romantic and private experience, a Candlelight Dinner Experience is an absolute must during your Crete 7 days itinerary. Set next to the sparkling sea, it is an unforgettable and delicious experience for two.

Revel in total privacy for a night celebrating local delicacies and libations. Cheers with a glass of crisp local wine, sparkling champagne, or a cool cocktail made to order. Prepare for a meal featuring local and fresh ingredients to satisfy your palette, and select from five unique menus, such as:

● Exotic Sea Menu (flavorful & fresh)
● Romantic Menu (sweet & spicy)
● Summer Sunset Menu (refreshing & sweet)
● Eclectic Delight Menu (aromatic & cool)
● Vegetarian Menu (light & creative)

What to do on Day 6 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Discover the City of Rethymno

If you’re seeking what to do in Crete in 7 days that is set in a vibrant cityscape, an excursion to the city of Rethymno is a must. About an hour and a half west of Creta Maris Resort, Rethymno is a fascinating city with a rich history and some of the most beautiful scenery on the whole island. Spend the day discovering its deep secrets and relish in a genuine experience that highlights the emotions of Crete.

Upon reaching the city, it is wise to visit the Venetian Fortezza Castle early to beat the crowds. Located in the Old Town center, it is an impressive reminder of the once-powerful Venetian presence in the city. In the afternoon, be delighted by the Old Town’s tangible charms and spend time wandering around to admire the colourful architecture and tiny shops. A day in Rethymno is sure to be a highlight of your Cretan holiday experience!

Unwrap History at the Venetian Fortezza Castle

Feel a sense of wonder with a visit to the Venetian Fortezza Castle, which many see as one of the most impressive things to see while visiting Crete. Though it was built over 400 years ago, it continues to fascinate visitors and offers an insightful glimpse into the often-times turbulent past of Crete.

While visiting the site, be amazed by the architecture, including the imposing main gate and the Mosque of Sultan Ibraham. Situated high above the city, soak in the panoramic views and take incredible photos of the sea’s far-off horizon. Appreciate an opportunity to take a deep dive into Crete’s historical significance while enjoying some of the best views you can experience during your holiday in Crete.

Explore the Charming Old Town

With its narrow streets, lovely shops, and quaint eateries, an afternoon in Old Town Rethymno is time well spent. The Old Town encapsulates a European charm that is not present throughout much of the island. Alluring and unique, it is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon that is not overwhelmed by tourists. Stop by small shops containing local souvenirs such as olive oils, herbs, and handmade leather goods.

The narrow pathways of Old Town are ripe with bars and restaurants, which offer up a wonderful way to get to know more about the local way of life. Delight in provincial delicacies such as calamari, ntakos salad, and other foods that personify the healthy Greek diet. Fully immerse yourself in the magnetic charms of Old Town, what to do in Crete in 7 days for a romantic experience that you are sure to cherish.

What to do on Day 7 of your Crete 7 days itinerary

Engage in Memorable Experiences at Creta Maris Resort

What better way to end your Crete 7 day itinerary than soaking in time at the location that drew you to the island in the first place? For your final day, completely luxuriate in the all-inclusive services that are offered at your resort while having a lovely day full of relaxation and of course plenty of fun with your loved one.

Be sure to spend just a bit more time on the magnificent surrounding beach, catching the last of the glorious Grecian sunrays and revitalizing waters. Kick back and relax in sun loungers under the protection of shady umbrellas, or take advantage of the several refreshing pools at the resort. In the evening, celebrate in style with traditional dance lessons and cocktails from the many on-site bars. Ma

Lounge on the Beach or at the Resort’s Pools

Embrace the opportunity to have a relaxing final day of your Crete 7 day itinerary, soaking in one more chance to plunge into the sparkling waters. If you’re in the mood for a beach day, take advantage of the quiet stretch of beach, plush sun loungers, and large umbrellas as you kick back in the lap of luxury. Order drinks and snacks courtesy of the resort’s servers while appreciating the spectacular blue Mediterannean water and endless horizon.

Alternatively, spending time at one of the seven adult pools on Creta Maris Resort’s properties is a calm and quiet way to enjoy your surroundings. All pools on the premises are freshwater, meaning they are incredibly crisp and clean when taking a reprieve from the sun. Embrace the laidback Cretan lifestyle while sipping from cool cocktails, reading a book, or listening to music in total serenity.

Enjoy Dancing Lessons & Delicious Cocktails

Make the last evening of your Crete 7 day itinerary one to remember with one final authentically Cretan experience. Grab your partner and put on your dancing shoes for an evening of dance lessons under the stars. Learn traditional Cretan dances and more modern dances, all of which embrace the infectious and lively spirit of the island.

Following a night of dancing, have one last cheers to your couple’s holiday by grabbing cocktails at one of Creta Maris Resort’s many bars. Split a bottle of wine at the intimate Romantic Bar, enjoy a colourful cocktail at Ammos swimming pool bar, or savour a sophisticated drink at Idaia Bar. No matter where you choose, raise a final toast to your spectacular and relaxing holiday in Crete!

Let Creta Maris Resort help you achieve the perfect Crete 7 days itinerary

With seemingly endless things to do on the spectacular island of Crete that offer a mixture of relaxing and exciting activities, it is no wonder that it is such a sought-after destination and getaway for couples. At Creta Maris Resort, we are here to offer our assistance in planning a holiday you cherish forever. Let your Crete all-inclusive resort help make your holidays easy and memorable so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

+For direct reservations Arrival & Departure Transfer are free of charge for all bookings with 7 nights minimum stays.

FAQs to help achieve the perfect Crete 7 days itinerary

1. Do I need a car in Crete?

Crete is Greece’s largest island, meaning there is ample area to explore, so renting a car is ideal if you want to visit far-off corners of the island. Still, if you’re conveniently located near one of the major cities transportation is easy to obtain, making a rental car unnecessary.

2. What is the best month to go to Crete?

Knowing what you want to do during your Crete 7 days itinerary helps determine the best month to visit. June-August is ideal for beach holidays, though this is when it tends to be most crowded. If you want to beat the crowds and have an immersive holiday visiting archaeological and historical sites, months like April-May and September-November are the best times to visit.

3. Does it get cold in Crete?

Crete has temperate weather nearly all year round, meaning that it is warmer than almost all of Europe throughout the year. In the winter months from November-January, it can get very rainy and is not ideal for swimming. However, you can discover what to do in Crete in 7 days that are exciting and fulfilling no matter the weather if you are adequately prepared.